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1 E2018  (1) A Smart Home Control System based on Context and Human Speech
2 E2018  (2) Development of A Smart Home Energy Saving System Combining Multiple Smart Devices
3 E2018  (3) Lightweight and Secure Session-Key Establishment Scheme in Smart Home Environments
4 E2018 (4) Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks
5 E2018 (5) Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy
6 E2018 (6) Quantification of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Using the IPANEMA
7 E2018 (7) Wireless Fidelity Electromagnetic Field Exposure Monitoring With Wearable Body Sensor Networks
8 E2018 (8) An Efficient Cross-Layer Reliable Retransmission Scheme for the Human Body Shadowing in IEEE 802.15.6-Based Wireless Body Area Networks
9 E2018 (9) The Lower Limbs Kinematics Analysis by Wearable Sensor Shoes
10 E2018(10) QoS-aware Energy Management in Body Sensor Nodes Powered by Human Energy Harvesting
11 E2018(11) A Pulse Measurement and Data Management System Based on Arduino Platform and Android Device
12 E2018(12) Experimental Investigation of Remote Control Via Android Smart Phone of Arduino-Based Automated Irrigation System Using Moisture Sensor
13 E2018(13) Integrating Remote Sensors in a Smartphone: the project “Sensors for ANDROID in Embedded systems
14 E2018(14) How people perceive different robot types- A direct comparison of an android, humanoid, and non-biomimetic robot
15 E2018(15) Android4Auto: a Proposal for Integration of Android in Vehicle Infotainment Systems
16 E2018(16) Automatic Pothole and Speed Breaker Detection using Android System
17 E2018(17) On Centralized and Decentralized Architectures for Traffic Applications