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1 A2019  (1) A Secure Transaction Scheme With Certificateless Cryptographic Primitives for IoT-Based Mobile Payments
2 A2019  (2) A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System
3 A2019  (3) A Tale of Two Fashions: An Empirical Study on the Performance of Native Apps and Web Apps on Android
4 A2019 (4) AdCapsule: Practical Confinement of Advertisements in Android Applications
5 A2019 (5) Android User Privacy Preserving through Crowdsourcing
6 A2019 (6) Characterizing Privacy Risks of Mobile Apps with Sensitivity Analysis
7 A2019 (7) CodeTracker: A Lightweight Approach to Track and Protect Authorization Codes in SMS Messages
8 A2019 (8) Construction and Mitigation of User-Behavior-Based Covert Channels on Smartphones
9 A2019 (9) Counter Measuring Conceivable Security Threats on Smart Healthcare Devices
10 A2019(10) DELTA++: Reducing the Size of Android Application Updates
11 A2019(11) DroidFusion: A Novel Multilevel Classifier Fusion Approach for Android Malware Detection
12 A2019(12) MADAM: Effective and Efficient Behavior-based Android Malware Detection and Prevention
13 A2019(13) Integrating Remote Sensors in a Smartphone: the project “Sensors for ANDROID in Embedded systems
14 A2019(14) MoRe-care: Mobile-assisted remote healthcare service delivery
15 A2019(15) ShiftRoute: Achieving Location Privacy for Map Services on Smartphones
16 A2019(16) Significant Permission Identification for Machine Learning Based Android Malware Detection
17 A2019(17) Text based Graphical Password System to Obscure Shoulder Surfing
18 A2019(18) Uncovering the Face of Android Ransomware: Characterization and Real-time Detection
19 A2019(19) Understanding In-app Ads and Detecting Hidden Attacks through the Mobile App-Web Interface