DOTNET IEEE 2018 PAPERS download

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1 E2018  (1) A Smart Home Control System based on Context and Human Speech
2 E2018  (2) Development of A Smart Home Energy Saving System Combining Multiple Smart Devices
3 E2018  (3) Lightweight and Secure Session-Key Establishment Scheme in Smart Home Environments
4 E2018 (4) Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks
5 E2018 (5) Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy
6 E2018 (6) Quantification of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Using the IPANEMA
7 E2018 (7) Wireless Fidelity Electromagnetic Field Exposure Monitoring With Wearable Body Sensor Networks
8 E2018 (8) An Efficient Cross-Layer Reliable Retransmission Scheme for the Human Body Shadowing in IEEE 802.15.6-Based Wireless Body Area Networks
9 E2018 (9) The Lower Limbs Kinematics Analysis by Wearable Sensor Shoes
10 E2018(10) QoS-aware Energy Management in Body Sensor Nodes Powered by Human Energy Harvesting
11 E2018(11) A Pulse Measurement and Data Management System Based on Arduino Platform and Android Device
12 E2018(12) Experimental Investigation of Remote Control Via Android Smart Phone of Arduino-Based Automated Irrigation System Using Moisture Sensor
13 E2018(13) Integrating Remote Sensors in a Smartphone: the project “Sensors for ANDROID in Embedded systems
14 E2018(14) How people perceive different robot types- A direct comparison of an android, humanoid, and non-biomimetic robot
15 E2018(15) Android4Auto: a Proposal for Integration of Android in Vehicle Infotainment Systems
16 E2018(16) Automatic Pothole and Speed Breaker Detection using Android System
17 E2018(17) On Centralized and Decentralized Architectures for Traffic Applications
18 E2018(18) GSM based Smart Home and Digital Notice Board
19 E2018(19) Portable Electrocardiogram sensor monitoring system Based On Body Area Network
20 E2018(20) Design and Implementation of a Semi-Autonomous Waste Segregation Robot
21 E2018(21) Structural Model of Passenger Counting and Public Transport Tracking System of Smart City
22 E2018(22) Open Source Computer-Vision Based Guidance System for UAVs On-Board Decision Making
23 E2018(23) EcoSensor: Monitoring environmental pollution using mobile sensors
24 E2018(24) Data Fusion for a Street Lighting Monitoring System Based On Statistical Inference and Fuzzy Logic
25 E2018(25) Low Cost and Portable Patient Monitoring System for e-Health Services in Bangladesh
26 E2018(26) Controlled Flooding with Passive Anti-Flooding for Urgent Messages in Body Area Sensor Networks
27 E2018(27) Textile Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting Fully Embedded in Clothing
28 E2018(28) Automated Cognitive Health Assessment from Smart Home-Based Behavior Data
29 E2018(29) Redundant Measurement of Vital Signs in a Wearable Monitor to Overcome Movement Artifacts in Home Health Care Environment
30 E2018(30) A Wearable and Modular Inertial Unit for Measuring Limb Movements and Balance Control Abilities
31 E2018(31) Research on Rescue Robots Climbing up Stairs based on the Estimation of Slope Angles with LRF
32 E2018(32) Modeling and Analysis of Ward Patient Rescue Process on the Hospital Floor
33 E2018(33) Multi-Port UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Enhanced Energy Harvesting of Self-powered Wireless Sensors
34 E2018(34) An Efficient Scheme for Tag Information Update in RFID Systems on Roads
35 E2018(35) A Multi-Disciplinary Framework for Continuous Biomedical Monitoring Using Low-Power Passive RFID-based Wireless Wearable Sensors
36 E2018(36) Measurement System With Accelerometer Integrated RFID Tag for Infrastructure Health Monitoring
37 E2018(37) Aware and Smart Member Card: RFID and License Plate Recognition Systems Integrated Applications at Parking Guidance in Shopping Mall
38 E2018(38) Autonomous Data Collection with Limited Time for Underwater Vehicles
39 E2018(39) Operation Modes for the Electric Vehicle in Smart Grids and Smart Homes: Present and Proposed Modes
40 E2018(40) A Blind-Zone Detection Method Using a Rear-Mounted Fisheye Camera With Combination of Vehicle Detection Methods
41 E2018(41) An Electromagnetic Speed Bump Energy Harvester and its Interactions with Vehicles
42 E2018(42) Developing intelligent software interface for wireless monitoring of vehicle speed and management of associated data
43 E2018(43) A High-Power Wireless Charging System Development and Integration for a Toyota RAV4 Electric Vehicle
44 E2018(44) Analysis of influence on driver behaviour while using in-vehicle traffic lights with application of head-up display
45 E2018(45) Multi-Factors Based Road Accident Prevention System
46 E2018(46) Emergency Traffic-Light Control System Design for Intersections Subject to Accidents
47 E2018(47) Text Mining the Contributors to Rail Accidents
48 E2018(48) Design and Implementation of an Eye Blinking Detector System for Automobile Accident Prevention
49 E2018(49) Field testing of a cyclist collision avoidance system for heavy goods vehicles
50 E2018(50) Dynamic Traffic Signal Timing Optimization Strategy Incorporating Various Vehicle Fuel Consumption Characteristics
51 E2018(51) Derailment Detection and Data Collection in Freight Trains, Based on a Wireless Sensor Network
52 E2018(52) Development and testing of an automatic remote condition monitoring system for train wheels
53 E2018(53) Advanced prediction methods in structural fire safety engineering
54 E2018(54) Urban Air Pollution Monitoring System with Forecasting Models
55 E2018(55) Integral Assessment and Spatial Modeling of Water Areas Pollution in the GIS Technology
56 E2018(56) Linked Data Analytics in Interdisciplinary Studies: the Health Impact of Air Pollution in Urban Areas
57 E2018(57) Mobile sensor unit for online air quality monitoring
58 E2018(58) A Fuzzy-Based Building Automation Control system
59 E2018(59) An Online Delay Efficient Packet Scheduler for M2M Traffic in Industrial Automation
60 E2018(60) Intelligent Seven-DoF Robot With Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance and 3-D Object Recognition for Industrial Cyber–Physical Systems in Manufacturing Automation
61 E2018(61) Autonomous Channel Switching: Towards Efficient Spectrum Sharing for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
62 E2018(62) Optimizing Industrial Robot Motion Powered by Renewable Sources
63 E2018(63) Driver System for the Extraction of a Pipeline Inspection Robot
64 E2018(64) An Unveiling path planning algorithm with minimal sensing using Embedded based robots
65 E2018(65) Decentralized Cooperative Transportation with Obstacle Avoidance Using Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Networks for Uncertain Networked Omnidirectional Multi-Robots
66 E2018(66) Infrared Communication of Leader-Follower Robots in Home Security System
67 E2018(67) Adaptive Optimal Control via Reinforcement Learning for Omni-Directional Wheeled Robots
68 E2018(68) Intuitive Gesture Control of Robots with a Sensor Arm Sleeve Based on Dielectric Elastomer Sensors
69 E2018(69) Results of a Real World Trial with a Mobile Social Service Robot for Older Adults
70 E2018(70) Service Oriented Design Approach for a Precision Agriculture Datalogger
71 E2018(71) AgriSys: A Smart and Ubiquitous Controlled Environment Agriculture System
72 E2018(72) ROSCC: An Efficient Remote Sensing Observation-Sharing Method Based on Cloud Computing for Soil Moisture Mapping in Precision Agriculture
73 E2018(73) Plantation Monitoring and Yield Estimation using Autonomous Quadcopter for Precision Agriculture
74 E2018(74) Development of IoT based Smart Security and Monitoring Devices for Agriculture
75 E2018(75) A Smart Sensor for Precision Agriculture Powered by Microbial Fuel Cells
76 E2018(76) An Efficient Platform for Low-Power, High-Definition Multimedia Wireless Sensor Nodes
77 E2018(77) Characterization of Soil Erosion Indicators Using Hyperspectral Data From a Mediterranean Rain fed Cultivated Region
78 E2018(78) A Survey in Adaptive Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network for Military Operations
79 E2018(79) Mils-Cloud: A Sensor-Cloud-Based Architecture for the Integration of Military Tri-Services Operations and Decision Making
80 E2018(80) Integrated Control of Airport and Terminal Airspace Operations
81 E2018(81) Designed and Developed A Civil Airport Safety Management System
82 E2018(82) Towards Smart Wearable Real-time Airport Luggage Tracking
83 E2018(83) A Cluster based Multicast routing protocol for Autonomous Unmanned Military Vehicles (AUMVs) communication in VANET
84 E2018(84) Feasibility Study of Sitting Posture Monitoring Based on Piezo resistive Conductive Film-Based Flexible Force Sensor
85 E2018(85) Graphene-Based Wireless Environmental Gas Sensor on PET Substrate
86 E2018(86) Joint Optimal Placement, Routing, and Flow Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring
87 E2018(87) A Wireless Steering Wheel Gripping Sensor for Hands On/Off Detection
88 E2018(88) Miniature pH Optical Fiber Sensor Based on Fabry–Perot Interferometer
89 E2018(89) Secure Subway Train-to-Train Communications via GSM-R Communication Systems
90 E2018(90) Touch Screen Based Wireless Multifunctional Wheelchair Using ARM and PIC Microcontroller
91 E2018(91) Air Quality Monitoring System Based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 Standards
92 E2018(92) Smart vehicle security system for defending against collaborative attacks by malware
93 E2018(93) Modified Mobile Transaction Authentication Number System for 2-Layer Security
94 E2018(94) Design and Implementation of Low-Cost SMS Based Monitoring System of Distribution Transformers
95 E2018(95) Vegetation Sensing Using GPS Interferometric Reflectometry: Experimental Results With a Horizontally Polarized Antenna
96 E2018(96) GPS Aided Attitude and Heading Reference System using MEMS Sensors
97 E2018(97) Container Port Performance Measurement and Comparison Leveraging Ship GPS Traces and Maritime Open Data
98 E2018(98) Estimation of Velocity and Position for a Quadrotor Aircraft in GPS Denied Environment
99 E2018(99) Embedded and Probabilistic Health Management for the GPS of Autonomous Vehicles
100 E2018(100) Road Slope Aided Vehicle Position Estimation System Based on Sensor Fusion of GPS and Automotive Onboard Sensors
101 E2018(101) A GPS-Based Control Method for Load Sharing and Power Quality Improvement in Micro grids
102 E2018(102) Smart e-bike monitoring system: real-time open source and open hardware GPS assistance and sensor data for electrically-assisted bicycles
104 E2018(104) Electricity Theft Detection in AMI Using Customers’ Consumption Patterns
105 E2018(105) Anti-theft system and temperature control of computer equipment for laboratories and Data Center of the Faculty of Electrical and Computing Engineering