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1 E2019  (1) Voice recognition by google home and raspberry pi for smart socket control
2 E2019  (2) Speech recognition gateway for home automation on open platform
3 E2019  (3) Energy efficient resource allocation in machine-to-machine communications with multiple access and energy harvesting for iot
4 E2019 (4) A novel approach to provide protection for women by using smart security device
5 E2019 (5) Voice activated semi-autonomous vehicle using off the shelf home automation hardware
6 E2019 (6) Deep voice: a voiceprint – based mobile health framework for parkinson’s disease identification
7 E2019 (7) A telemedicine service platform exploiting bt/ble wearable sensors for remote monitoring of chronic patients
8 E2019 (8) Development and evaluation of a healthy coping voice interface application using the google Home for elderly patients with type 2 diabetes
9 E2019 (9) Wireless system for control, monitoring and preventive maintenance of public street lighting
10 E2019(10) Measurement modules of digital biometric medical system based on sensory electronics and mobile health Application
11 E2019(11) Modular and personalized smart health application design in a smart city environment
12 E2019(12) Environment and home care for photosensitive patients
13 E2019(13) Design of smart stretchers and vital signs monitoring system for reduced-mobility patients
14 E2019(14) A novel approach to provide protection for women by using smart security device
15 E2019(15) Li-fi trans receiver using low power low cost laser link
16 E2019(16) Green power supply for an intelligent traffic light enhanced with visible light communications Capabilities
17 E2019(17) Enhanced design of visible light communication sensor for automotive applications: experimental demonstration of a 130 meters link
18 E2019(18) A smart city adaptive lighting system
19 E2019(19) Iot lighting : towards a connected building eco-system
20 E2019(20) Iot-based led lighting control in smart home
21 E2019(21) Design and implementation of an energy-saving lighting control system considering user satisfaction
22 E2019(22) Design and implementation of an energy-saving lighting control system considering user satisfaction
23 E2019(23) Integration of consumption forecasting in smart meters and smart home management systems
24 E2019(24) Implementation and recent progress in cloud-based smart home automation systems
25 E2019(25) Equipment control and environmental monitoring design of smart
26 E2019(26) Iot based indoor location detection system for Smart home environment
27 E2019(27) Design of smart home mobile application with high security and automatic features
28 E2019(28) An approach to secure smart homes in cyber- Physical systems/internet-of-things
29 E2019(29) Smart homes: architectural and engineering design imperatives for smart city building codes
30 E2019(30) Wireless power transfer solution for smart charger with rf energy harvesting in public area
31 E2019(31) Wireless power transfer solution for smart charger with rf energy harvesting in public area
32 E2019(32) Wireless power transfer solution for smart charger with rf energy harvesting in public area
33 E2019(33) Improved sensor selection method during movement for breathing rate estimation with Unobtrusive pressure sensor arrays
34 E2019(34) Self-powered pulse sensors with high sensitivity to reveal sinus arrhythmia
35 E2019(35) An experimental study on mems-based gas flow sensor for wide range flow measurements
36 E2019(36) Design and fabrication of a flexible capacitive coplanar force sensor for biomedical applications
37 E2019(37) Tunable thermo-triboelectric energy harvesting using human body heat for self-powered applications
38 E2019(38) Design of an ultraviolet light intensity monitor For personally wearable devices
39 E2019(39) Laser and optical flow fusion for a non-intrusive obstacle detection system on an intelligent wheelchair
40 E2019(40) A uw backscatter-morse-leaf sensor for low-power agricultural wireless sensor networks
41 E2019(41) Zigbee based wireless data acquisition system for underground mines – a feasibility study
42 E2019(42) Real time smart grid load management by integrated and secured communication
43 E2019(43) Interoperable end-to-end remote patient monitoring platform based on ieee 11073 phd and zigbee health care profile
44 E2019(44) Wsn architecture for smart irrigation system
45 E2019(45) Self-powered zigbee wireless sensor nodes for railway condition monitoring
46 E2019(46) Development of indoor air quality supervision systems using zigbee wireless networks
47 E2019(47) Design of vegetable greenhouse monitoring system based on zigbee and gprs
48 E2019(48) Fast access for zigbee-enabled iot devices using raspberry pi
49 E2019(49) Bfvp: a probabilistic uhf rfid tag localization algorithm using bayesian filter and a variable power rfid model
50 E2019(50) Uhf reader antenna for near and far field rfid operation
51 E2019(51) Location privacy in usage-based automotive insurance: attacks and countermeasures
52 E2019(52) A movement monitoring system for patients of neurodegenerative diseases
53 E2019(53) Labview based greenhouse automation system through wireless protocol
54 E2019(54) Smart pump control system for optimal distribution of electricity
55 E2019(55) Automated vehicle parking system and unauthorized parking detector
56 E2019(56) Real time automation of agriculture land, by automatically detecting plant leaf diseases and auto medicine
57 E2019(57) Design and implementation of an rfid-gsm based vehicle identification system on highways
58 E2019(58) Design and implementation of advanced arm7 based biometric security system using wireless communication
59 E2019(59) Automated blood bank system using raspberry pi
60 E2019(60) A smart home appliances control system based on digital electronics and gsm network
61 E2019(61) Wireless controlled smart digital energy meter and theft control using gsm with gui
62 E2019(62) Towards a gsm enabled remote monitoring medical system
63 E2019(63) Mobicare: e-health and emergency wireless monitoring system
64 E2019(64) A low cost wireless sensor node for building monitoring
65 E2019(65) A low-cost online performance monitoring system for home photovoltaic generators
66 E2019(66) Integration of wireless hart devices into mitsubishi plc for plant monitoring
67 E2019(67) A multi-gas sensing system for air quality monitoring
68 E2019(68) A solar powered long range real-time water quality monitoring system by lorawan
69 E2019(69) Iot-based wireless polysomnography intelligent system for sleep monitoring
70 E2019(70) Sensor fault detection and isolation for a wireless sensor network-based remote wind turbine condition monitoring system
71 E2019(71) Vibration detection and analysis of wind turbine based on a wireless embedded microcontroller system
72 E2019(72) Wireless sensor node for indoor air quality monitoring system
73 E2019(73) Expert assessment of post accidence monitoring systems with multi-version structures
74 E2019(74) Monitoring and automation of the water pumping and storage process applied to a water treatment plant
75 E2019(75) The wsn monitoring system for large outdoor advertising boards based on zigbee and mems sensor
76 E2019(76) Design of vegetable greenhouse monitoring system based on zigbee and gprs
77 E2019(77) Wireless web-based power quality monitoring system in a microgrid
78 E2019(78) Passive wireless sensor for displacement monitoring in metal structures
79 E2019(79) A health remote monitoring application based on wireless body area networks
80 E2019(80) Implementation of wireless temperature and humidity monitoring on an embedded device
81 E2019(81) Multi-sensor integrated system for wireless monitoring of greenhouse environment
82 E2019(82) Linear wsn lifetime maximization for pipeline monitoring using hybrid k-means aco clustering algorithm
83 E2019(83) A wireless multifunctional monitoring system of tower body running state based on mems acceleration sensor
84 E2019(84) Military-based vehicle to grid (v2g) and vehicle to vehicle (v2v) microgrid – system architecture and implementation
85 E2019(85) Vehicle approaching model for t-junction during transition to autonomous vehicles
86 E2019(86) Traffic signal control for connected and non-connected vehicles
87 E2019(87) Deep neural network dynamic traffic routing system for vehicles
88 E2019(88) Vehicle detection and counting system for real-time traffic surveillance
89 E2019(89) Application of vision sensing technology in urban intelligent traffic control system
90 E2019(90) Design and implementation of a driving safety aided mechanism
91 E2019(91) New approach to enhancing vehicular communication reliability for safety applications
92 E2019(92) The traffic safety management system in urban conditions based on the с4.5 algorithm
93 E2019(93) Estimation of the requirements for hybrid electric powertrain based on analysis of vehicle trajectory using gps and accelerometer data
94 E2019(94) Beyond-line-of-sight identification by using vehicle-to-vehicle communication
95 E2019(95) Examining the driverless future: an analysis of human-caused vehicle accidents and development of an autonomous vehicle communication testbed
96 E2019(96) The consumer security index for iot: a protocol for developing an index to improve consumer decision making and to incentivize greater security provision in iot devices
97 E2019(97) Lda based classification of video surveillance sequences using motion information
98 E2019(98) An autonomous solar powered wireless monitoring and surveillance system
99 E2019(99) Iot-driven automated object detection algorithm for urban surveillance systems in smart cities
100 E2019(100) Color based vehicle classification using road surveillance camera images
101 E2019(101) A software-defined surveillance system with energy harvesting: design and performance optimization
102 E2019(102) Iot based cooperative agents architecture
103 E2019(103) Traffic lights through multiple robotic educational tools
104 E2019(104) Detection of unhealthy plant leaves using image processing and genetic algorithm with arduino
105 E2019(105) Smart monitoring cameras driven intelligent processing to big surveillance video data
106 E2019(106) Cybersecurity assurance control baselining for smart grid communication systems
107 E2019(107) Pervasive agriculture: measuring and predicting plant growth using statistics and 2d/3d imaging
108 E2019(108) Agriculture autonomous monitoring and decisional mechatronic system
109 E2019(109) Design and implementation of a wireless sensor network for precision agriculture operating in api mode
110 E2019(110) Iot solutions for crop protection against wild animal attacks
111 E2019(111) A low power iot network for smart agriculture
112 E2019(112) Iot agriculture system based on lorawan
113 E2019(113) Cloud based agriculture safety inspection with multiple standard sources
114 E2019(114) The application and research of developing leisure and sightseeing agriculture based on the perspective of multifunctional agriculture
115 E2019(115) The designed of four-wheeled person carrier robot system
116 E2019(116) Real-time monitoring and control system of an industrial robot with 6 degrees of freedom for grinding and polishing of aspherical mirror
117 E2019(117) Xbee pro module application in to organize and monitoring earthquake disaster location with the robot control system
118 E2019(118) Distributed access control on iot ledger-based architecture
119 E2019(119) Trajectory tracking control of photovoltaic cleaning robot based on lyapunov theory and barbalat lemma
120 E2019(120) Comprehensive evaluation of the performance of rescue robots using victim robots
121 E2019(121) The design of hand gesture robot software based on wireless technology
122 E2019(122) Modular software architecture for human-robot interaction applied to the interbot mobile robot
123 E2019(123) Ensuring power quality and stability in industrial and medium voltage public grids
124 E2019(124) High humidity, high temperature and high voltage reverse bias - a relevant test for industrial applications
125 E2019(125) An aaa solution for securing industrial iot devices using next generation access control
126 E2019(126) Energy management and economical analysis of solar energy system for industrial applications
127 E2019(127) Design of a position control for a cutting system of a maize-husking machine
128 E2019(128) Defending on-off attacks using light probing messages in smart sensors for industrial communication systems
129 E2019(129) Behaviour and vulnerability assessment of drones-enabled industrial internet of things (iiot)
130 E2019(130) Door automation system based on speech command and pin using android smartphone
131 E2019(131) Design and fabrication of pcb embedded power module with integrated heat exchanger for dielectric coolant
132 E2019(132) Non-invasive vital signs monitoring system based on smart sensor mat embedded with optical fiber interferometer
133 E2019(133) Structural health monitoring of solid propellant using embedded pvdf sensor
134 E2019(134) Syndrome: spectral analysis for anomaly detection on medical iot and embedded devices
135 E2019(135) Design and implementation of upper-limb rehabilitation device based on embedded system
136 E2019(136) Implementation of wireless temperature and humidity monitoring on an embedded device
137 E2019(137) Towards embedded intelligence enabled autonomous condition monitoring systems for ac motor drives
138 E2019(138) Embedded electrohydraulic controller with digital valve actuation for steering of heavy duty machines
139 E2019(139) Embedded electrohydraulic controller with digital valve actuation for steering of heavy duty machines
140 E2019(140) Energy efficient sun synchronous solar panels
141 E2019(141) Indoor positioning system simulation for a robot using radio frequency identification
142 E2019(142) Design of an optical portable system for detection of ph
143 E2019(143) Design of an arduino-based platform interfaced by bluetooth low energy with myo armband for controlling an under-actuated transradial prosthesis
144 E2019(144) Rain detection system for estimate weather level using mamdani fuzzy inference system
145 E2019(145) Optimal processing of low power signal in the system of internet of things
146 E2019(146) A face recognition method in the internet of things for security applications in smart homes and cities
147 E2019(147) M3iot - message-oriented middleware for m-health internet of things: design and validation
148 E2019(148) Research on state monitoring echnology for power equipment based on internet of things
149 E2019(149) Analysis of security and privacy challenges in internet of things
150 E2019(150) Sofware development of remote control system for water treatment equipment based on internet of think technology
151 E2019(151) A wearable multi-sensor solution for daily activities monitoring with an expanded respiratory part
152 E2019(152) Smart campus care and guiding with dedicated video footprinting through internet of things technologies
153 E2019(153) Energy efficiency of machine-to-machine protocols
154 E2019(154) A hybrid approach for identification of manhole and staircase to assist visually challenged
155 E2019(155) Audio beam steering with phased array method using arduino due microcontroller
156 E2019(156) The design of a zigbee-based greenhouse monitoring system
157 E2019(157) Arduino based temperature and humidity control for condensation on wettability engineered surfaces
158 E2019(158) Arduino based temperature and humidity control for condensation on wettability engineered surfaces
159 E2019(159) Malnod: malicous node discovery in internet-of-things through fingerprints
160 E2019(160) Anonymous lightweight chaotic map-based authenticated key agreement protocol for industrial internet of things
161 E2019(161) Internet of things within the service architecture of intelligent transport systems
162 E2019(162) Study on security technology of internet of things based on network coding
163 E2019(163) An innovative security architecture for low cost low power iot devices based on secure elements
164 E2019(164) Security event analysis in xbee-based wireless mesh networks
165 E2019(165) Piezoelectric rainfall energy harvester performance by advanced arduino based measuring system
166 E2019(166) Module for virtual calibration of sensors of agricultural spraying systems (temperature, pressure and flow) using an arduino-based architecture and a controller area network bus (can)
167 E2019(167) Desing and constructing a dc microgrid with uninterrupted power supply capability and optimizing its energy usage by smart controlling system
168 E2019(168) Arduino uno based packed u cell inverter for photovoltaic application
169 E2019(169) A data parasitizing scheme for effective health monitoring in wireless body area networks
170 E2019(170) The development of quail eggs smart incubator for hatching system based on microcontroller and internet of things (iot)
171 E2019(171) Micro-controller based over current relay using hall effect current sensor