JAVA IEEE 2019 PAPERS download

S.No Code Title Download
1 JAVA2019  (1) A Smart Home Control System based on Context and Human Speech
2 JAVA2019  (2) Development of A Smart Home Energy Saving System Combining Multiple Smart Devices
3 JAVA2019  (3) Lightweight and Secure Session-Key Establishment Scheme in Smart Home Environments
4 JAVA2019 (4) Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks
5 JAVA2019 (5) Towards an Open Data Framework for Body Sensor Networks Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy
6 JAVA2019 (6) Quantification of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Using the IPANEMA
7 JAVA2019 (7) Wireless Fidelity Electromagnetic Field Exposure Monitoring With Wearable Body Sensor Networks
8 JAVA2019 (8) An Efficient Cross-Layer Reliable Retransmission Scheme for the Human Body Shadowing in IEEE 802.15.6-Based Wireless Body Area Networks
9 JAVA2019 (9) The Lower Limbs Kinematics Analysis by Wearable Sensor Shoes
10 JAVA2019(10) QoS-aware Energy Management in Body Sensor Nodes Powered by Human Energy Harvesting
11 JAVA2019(11) A Pulse Measurement and Data Management System Based on Arduino Platform and Android Device
12 JAVA2019(12) Experimental Investigation of Remote Control Via Android Smart Phone of Arduino-Based Automated Irrigation System Using Moisture Sensor
13 JAVA2019(13) Integrating Remote Sensors in a Smartphone: the project “Sensors for ANDROID in Embedded systems
14 JAVA2019(14) How people perceive different robot types- A direct comparison of an android, humanoid, and non-biomimetic robot
15 E2016(15) Android4Auto: a Proposal for Integration of Android in Vehicle Infotainment Systems
16 JAVA2019(16) Automatic Pothole and Speed Breaker Detection using Android System
17 JAVA2019(17) On Centralized and Decentralized Architectures for Traffic Applications
18 JAVA2019(18) GSM based Smart Home and Digital Notice Board
19 JAVA2019(19) Portable Electrocardiogram sensor monitoring system Based On Body Area Network
20 JAVA2019(20) Design and Implementation of a Semi-Autonomous Waste Segregation Robot
21 JAVA2019(21) Structural Model of Passenger Counting and Public Transport Tracking System of Smart City
22 JAVA2019(22) Open Source Computer-Vision Based Guidance System for UAVs On-Board Decision Making
23 JAVA2019(23) EcoSensor: Monitoring environmental pollution using mobile sensors
24 JAVA2019(24) Data Fusion for a Street Lighting Monitoring System Based On Statistical Inference and Fuzzy Logic
25 JAVA2019(25) Low Cost and Portable Patient Monitoring System for e-Health Services in Bangladesh
26 JAVA2019(26) Controlled Flooding with Passive Anti-Flooding for Urgent Messages in Body Area Sensor Networks
27 JAVA2019(27) Textile Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting Fully Embedded in Clothing
28 JAVA2019(28) Automated Cognitive Health Assessment from Smart Home-Based Behavior Data
29 JAVA2019(29) Redundant Measurement of Vital Signs in a Wearable Monitor to Overcome Movement Artifacts in Home Health Care Environment
30 JAVA2019(30) A Wearable and Modular Inertial Unit for Measuring Limb Movements and Balance Control Abilities