MATLAB IEEE 2019 PAPERS download

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1 DIP2019(1) A Hybrid Classification Example in Describing Chronic Kidney Disease
2 DIP2019 (2) Ultrasound Image Processing for Improving Diagnose of Renal Diseases
3 DIP2019 (3) Enhanced XGBoost-Based Automatic Diagnosis System for Chronic Kidney Disease
4 DIP2019 (4) Animal classification using facial images with score-level fusion
5 DIP2019 (5) Machine-Learning Approach Based Gamma Distribution for Brian Abnormalities Detection and Data Sample Imbalance Analysis
6 DIP2019 (6) EarlyDiagnosisofAlzheimer’sDisease: ANeuroimagingStudywithDeep LearningArchitectures
7 DIP2019 (7) Automated Method for Retinal Artery/Vein Separation via Graph Search Metaheuristic Approach
8 DIP2019 (8) Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting
9 DIP2019 (9) Moving Object Detection in Video via Hierarchical Modeling and Alternating Optimization
10 DIP2019(10) A Survey on Biometric Authentication: Towards Secure and Privacy-Preserving Identification
11 DIP2019(11) Detection of distal forearm fractures using bone- enhanced 3D ultrasound imaging
13 DIP2019(13) Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection System using GLCM feature extraction and K-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) on Mammography image
14 DIP2019(14) Texture-based feature extraction of smear images for the detection of cervical cancer
15 DIP2019(15) CXNet-m1: Anomaly Detection on Chest X-Rays with Image-Based Deep Learning
16 DIP2019(16) Clinical Depression Detection in Adolescent by Face
17 DIP2019(17) Deep Learning Based Indian Currency Coin Recognition
18 DIP2019(18) Identification of Fake Notes and Denomination Recognition
19 DIP2019(19) DerinTransfer½ʓrenmeileSıtmaParazitiTespiti
20 DIP2019(20) A review of present and futuristic development of Near Infrared Spectroscopy system in the assessment of diabetic foot risk
21 DIP2019(21) Severity level detection of diabetic retinopathy using ELM classifiers
22 DIP2019(22) A New Automated Signal Quality-Aware ECG Beat Classification Method for Unsupervised ECG Diagnosis Environments
23 DIP2019(23) Removal of Movement Artefact for Mobile EEG Analysis in Sports Exercises
24 DIP2019(24) BiometricRecognitionthroughEyeMovementsusingaRecurrentNeuralNetwork
25 DIP2019(25) Secure Data in Cloud Computing Using Face Detection and Fingerprint
26 DIP2019(26) Low-resolution Face Recognition in the Wild via Selective Knowledge Distillation
27 DIP2019(27) Toward Construction-Based Data Hiding: From Secrets to Fingerprint Images
28 DIP2019(28) Nearest Centroid Neighbor Based Sparse Representation Classification for Finger vein Recognition
29 DIP2019(29) Fire Event Detection from Video and Estimation of Risk for Safety of Human and Resources
30 DIP2019(30) Fire Area Detection based on Convolutional Neural Network and Improved A* Path Planning
31 DIP2019(31) Visual Based Fire Detection System using Speeded Up Robust Feature and Support Vector Machine
32 DIP2019(32) Biomarker Detection from fMRI-based Complete Functional Connectivity Networks
33 DIP2019(33) Automation of Data Collection Techniques for Recording Food Intake: a Review of Publicly Available and Well-Adopted Diet Apps
34 DIP2019(34) Improved Quality Detection Technique for Fruits Using GLCM and MultiClass SVM
35 DIP2019(35) Yanbao: A mobile App using the measurement of clinical parameters for glaucoma screening Fan
36 DIP2019(36) Analysis of CDR of Fundus Images for Glaucoma Detection
37 DIP2019(37) Morphological Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition for Indian Sign Language
38 DIP2019(38) Recognition of Handwritten Numerals of various Indian Regional Languages using Deep Learning
39 DIP2019(39) Writer Identification on Historical Documents Using Oriented Basic Image Features
40 DIP2019(40) Spectral Repeatability of a Hyperspectral System for Human Iris Imaging
41 DIP2019(41) Textural and Intensity Feature Based Retinal Vessels Classification for the Identification of Hypertensive Retinopathy
42 DIP2019(42) Colour Image Segmentation of Fundus Blood Vessels for the Detection of Hypertensive Retinopathy
43 DIP2019(43) No-reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Convolutional Neural Network
45 DIP2019(45) Analysis of Stereoscopic Image Compression using Arithmetic Coding and Huffman Coding
46 DIP2019(46) Random Permutation-Based Block Compressed Sensing for Image Encryption- then-Compression Applications
47 DIP2019(47) Secure Image-authentication Schemes with Hidden Double Random-phase Encoding
48 DIP2019 (48) A Channel-Dependent Statistical Watermark Detector for Color Images
49 DIP2019 (49) Secured cloud computing for medical data based on watermarking and encryption
50 DIP2019(50) A Survey of Super-Resolution in Iris Biometrics with Evaluation of Dictionary-Learning
51 DIP2019(51) Weak Constraint Leaf Image Recognition based on Convolutional Neural Network
52 DIP2019 (52) Impact of Enhancement Featureson Image Registration for Liver Cancer Interventions using CT Images
53 DIP2019 (53) Clinical efficacy of Xi Sanzang Decoction assisted knee arthroscopic treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis due to deficiency of liver and kidney and its influence on serum cytokine
54 DIP2019 (54) FissureNet: A Deep Learning Approach For Pulmonary Fissure Detection in CT Images
55 DIP2019 (55) Multiple Resolution Residually Connected Feature Streams For Automatic Lung Tumor Segmentation From CT Images
56 DIP2019 (56) Fractional crow search-based support vector neural network for patient classification and severity analysis of tuberculosis
57 DIP2019 (57) Cerebral Micro-Bleed Detection Based on the Convolution Neural Network With Rank Based Average Pooling
58 DIP2019 (58) Removing Stripe Noise from Infrared Cloud Images via Deep Convolutional Networks
59 DIP2019 (59) Design of Orthogonal Wavelet for Human Palmprint Recognition
60 DIP2019(60) Adaptive Threshold Determination Based on Entropy in Active Contour without Edge Method for Malaria Parasite Candidate Detection
61 DIP2019(61) A computer vision approach to diagnose Parkinson Disease using Brain CT Images
62 DIP2019 (62) Dynamic Feature Matching for Partial Face Recognition
63 DIP2019 (63) Applying Bayesian Network Approach to Determine the Association Between Morphological Features Extracted from Prostate Cancer Images
64 DIP2019 (64) Online Invoicing System based on QR Code Recognition and Cloud Storage
65 DIP2019 (65) Detecting Hard Exudates In Retinal Fundus Images Using Convolutinal Neural Networks
66 DIP2019 (66) Humanoid Robot Detecting Animals via Neural Network
67 DIP2019 (67) Deep Learning for Two-Step Classification of Malignant Pigmented Skin Lesions
68 DIP2019 (68) Cloud Infrastructure for Skin Cancer Scalable Detection System
69 DIP2019 (69) Dissimilarity Gaussian Mixture Models for Efficient Offline Handwritten Text-Independent Identification using SIFT and RootSIFT Descriptors
70 DIP2019(70) The thermal imaging system design in the diagnosis and follow-up of Raynaud's Phenomenon
71 DIP2019(71) Image Processing Based Machine Vision System for Tomato Volume Estimation
73 DIP2019 (73) Smoker’s Tongue Recognition System based on Spectral and Texture Features using Visible Near- Infrared Imaging
74 DIP2019 (74) Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Motorcyclists Riding Without Helmet
75 DIP2019 (75) Compressed Video Watermarking for Authentication and Reconstruction of the Audio part
76 DIP2019 (76) Hybrid Image Encryption and Decryption using Cryptography and Watermarking Technique for High Security Applications
77 DIP2019 (77) Plenoptic Image Motion Deblurring
78 DIP2019 (78) Detecting Seizures from EEG Signals Using the Entropy of Visibility Heights ofHierarchical Neighbors
79 DIP2019 (79) Brain Network Analysis of Compressive Sensed High-Density EEG signals in AD and MCI subjects
80 DIP2019(80) Reflection Analysis for Face Morphing Attack Detection
81 DIP2019(81) Human Identification from Freestyle Walks using Posture-Based Gait Feature
82 DIP2019 (82) Boolean-based Multi Secret Sharing Scheme using Meaningful Shares
83 DIP2019 (83) Infant Cry Signal Detection, Pattern Extraction and Recognition
84 DIP2019 (84) Sensitivity Analysis of Multifrequency MIMP SAR Data From Rice Paddies
85 DIP2019 (85) Cloud Types Identification for Meteorological Satellite Image Using Multiple Sparse Representation Classifiers via Decision Fusion
86 DIP2019 (86) Smile Detection in the Wild Based on Transfer Learning
87 DIP2019 (87) Color Balance and Fusion for Underwater Image Enhancement
88 DIP2019 (88) Weather Monitoring for Predicting Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency