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1 PE2019(01) Model Predictive Voltage Control for Single Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Converterwith Reduced Cross Regulation
2 PE2019(02) Review of dc-dc converters for multi-terminalHVDC transmission networks
3 PE2019(03) Design of a Modular, High Step-Up RatioDC-DC Converter for HVDC ApplicationsIntegrating Offshore Wind Power
4 PE2019(04) A Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Auto-BuckBoost DC-DC Converter with Auto PhaseAllocation
5 PE2019(05) Interleaved High-Conversion-Ratio Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Distributed Energy-Storage Systems — Circuit Generation, Analysis and Design
6 PE2019(06) Control of Cascaded DC-DC Converter BasedHybrid Battery Energy Storage Systems - PartII: Lyapunov Approach
7 PE2019(07) Design and Control of Fault-Tolerant Non-isolatedMultiphase Multilevel DC-DC Convertersfor Automotive Power Systems
8 PE2019(08) Topology Derivation and Generalized Analysisof Zero-Voltage-Switching SynchronousDC-DC Converters with Coupled Inductors
9 PE2019(09) Hybrid DC-DC Converter with Phase-Shift orFrequency Modulation for NEV Battery Charger
10 PE2019(10) New Topology for DC-DC Converters Used in FuelCell-Electric Double Layer Capacitor Hybrid PowerSource Systems for Mobile Devices
11 PE2019(11) Reconfigurable Periodic Bi-frequency DPWM WithCustom Harmonic Reduction in DC-DC Converters
12 PE2019(12) Galvanically isolated high gain Y-source DC-DC converters for dispersed power generation
13 PE2019(13) New Single-Input, Multiple-Output ConverterTopologiesCombining Single-Switch Non-isolated dc-dc Convertersfor Single-Input, Multiple-Output Applications
14 PE2019(14) Comprehensive DC Power Balance Management inHigh-Power Three-Level DC-DC Converter forElectric Vehicle Fast Charging
15 PE2019(15) An 80mV Startup Voltage Fully Electrical DC-DC Converter,for Flexible Thermoelectric Generators
16 PE2019(16) Coordination of DC power flow controllers and AC/DC converters on optimizing the delivery of wind power
17 PE2019(17) Control and Modulation of BidirectionalSingle-Phase AC-DC Three-Phase-Leg SPWMConverters with Active Power Decoupling and Minimal Storage Capacitance
18 PE2019(18) A ZVS Bidirectional Three-Level DC-DC Converterwith Direct Current Slew Rate Control of LeakageInductance Current
19 PE2019(19) Voltage balancing control of isolated modularmultilevel dc-dc converter for use in dc gridswith zero voltage switching
20 PE2019(20) Decentralized voltage balancing in bipolar dc micro grids equipped with trans-z-source interlinking converter
21 PE2019(21) Bidirectional Resonant DC-DC Step-up Converters for Driving High-voltage Actuators in Mobile Micro robots
22 PE2019(22) Hybrid Pulse width Modulated Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source Grid-Tie Photovoltaic Power System
23 PE2019(23) Current Ripple Comparison Between ZSVM4 and ZSVM2
24 PE2019(24) Efficiency Improvement of a Quasi-Z-source Inverter-fed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine-Based Electric Vehicle.
25 PE2019(25) A Fault-Tolerant Strategy Based On FundamentalPhase Shift Compensation for Three PhaseMultilevel Converters with Quasi-Z-SourceNetworks with Discontinuous Input Current
26 PE2019(26) Bidirectional Magnetically Coupled T-SourceInverter for Extra Low Voltage Application
27 PE2019(27) Study On the Single-stage Forward-flyback PFCConverter with QR Control
28 PE2019(28) Buck-boost-flyback integrated converter withsingle switch to achieve high voltage gain forPV or fuel-cell applications
29 PE2019(29) Analysis and Design of Single-Switch Forward-Flyback Two-Channel LED Driver with Resonant-Blocking Capacitor
30 PE2019(30) Interleaved SEPIC Power Factor Pre-Regulator UsingCoupled Inductors in Discontinuous Conduction Modewith Wide Output Voltage
31 PE2019(31) A Single-Stage Single-Switch LED Driver Basedon Integrated SEPIC Circuit and Class E Converter
32 PE2019(32) Analysis of the Integrated SEPIC-FlybackConverter as a Single-Stage Single-SwitchPower-Factor-Correction LED Driver
33 PE2019(33) Coordination of PV Inverters to Mitigate Voltage Violation for Load Transfer Between Distribution Feeders with High Penetration of PV Installation
34 PE2019(34) Leakage Current Elimination of Four-Leg Inverter forTransformer less Three-Phase PV Systems
35 PE2019(35) Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of PWM Dual Inverter Based Grid Connected PV System:Modelling and Performance analysis
36 PE2019(36) An FPGA-based advanced control strategy of a grid-tied PV CHB inverter
37 PE2019(37) Control Strategy to Maximize the PowerCapability of PV Three-Phase InvertersDuring Voltage Sags
38 PE2019(38) Experimental Validation of a Robust ContinuousNonlinear Model Predictive Control BasedGrid-Interlinked Photovoltaic Inverter
39 PE2019(39) Passive islanding detection method usingWavelet packet Transform in Grid ConnectedPhotovoltaic Systems
40 PE2019(40) Multi-objective unit commitment withrenewable energy using hybrid approach
41 PE2019(41) A Hybrid Estimator for Active/Reactive Power Control of Single-Phase Distributed Generation Systems with Energy Storage
42 PE2019(42) Optimal sizing of grid integrated hybrid PV-biomass energy system using artificial bee colony algorithm
43 PE2019(43) Optimal Load Sharing of Hydrogen-Based Micro grids with Hybrid Storage Using Model Predictive Control
44 PE2019(44) Robust Energy Management of a Hybrid Wind and Flywheel Energy Storage System Considering Flywheel Power Losses Minimization and Grid-Code Constraints
45 PE2019(45) Hybrid forecasting model-based data mining and genetic algorithm-adaptive particle swarm optimization: a case study of wind speed time series
46 PE2019(46) Research on power sharing strategy of hybrid energy storage system in photovoltaic power station based on multi-objective optimization
47 PE2019(47) Storage Free Smart Energy Management for Frequency Control in a Diesel-PV-Fuel Cell-Based Hybrid AC Micro grid
48 PE2019(48) Model-based loss minimization scheme for wind solar hybrid generation system using (grid-connected) doubly fed induction generator
49 PE2019(49) Advanced fuzzy power extraction control of wind energy conversion system for power quality improvement in a grid tied hybrid generation system
50 PE2019(50) Characteristics of Compensation for Fluctuating Output Power of a Solar Power Generator in a Hybrid Energy Storage System Using a Bi2223-SMES Coil Cooled by Thermo-Siphon with Liquid Hydrogen
51 PE2019(51) UPSC SVPWM controlled multi-level inverter topology for multiple pole-pair induction motor drive for minimizing torque ripple
52 PE2019(52) Analysis and Control of M3C based UPQC for Power Quality Improvement in Medium/High Voltage Power Grid
53 PE2019(53) The Method of Harmonic Compensation of UPQC Based on Euler-Lagrange Model
54 PE2019(54) Simultaneous Micro grid Voltage and Current Harmonics Compensation Using Coordinated Control of Dual-Interfacing-Converters
55 PE2019(55) Repetitive Control implementation with Frequency Adaptive algorithm for Shunt Active Power Filter
56 PE2019(56) Power Quality Improvement In Transmission Systems Using DPFC
57 PE2019(57) Robust fuzzy-sliding mode based UPFC controller for transient stability analysis in autonomous wind-diesel-PV hybrid system
58 PE2019(58) Transformer-less Unified Power Flow Controller Using the Cascade Multilevel Inverter
59 PE2019(59) SSR Damping in Fixed-Speed Wind Farms using Series FACTS Controllers
60 PE2019(60) A Fast LP Approach for Enhanced Utilization of Variable Impedance Based FACTS Devices
61 PE2019(61) Adaptive distance protection scheme for shunt-FACTS compensated line connecting wind farm
62 PE2019(62) Modulation and Control of Transformer-less UPFC
63 PE2019(63) Application of Transformer-less UPFC for Interconnecting Two Synchronous AC Grids with Large Phase Difference
64 PE2019(64) Performance optimization for novel green plug-energy economizer in micro-grids based on recent heuristic algorithm
65 PE2019(65) Performance Evaluation of SMES System for Initial and Steady Voltage Sag Compensations
66 PE2019(66) Impact of Voltage Sags on Electric Vehicle Charger and Critical Voltage Sag Determination
67 PE2019(67) Wide Correction Range Three-Level Dynamic Voltage Corrector
68 PE2019(68) Experimental Investigation on a Hybrid Series Active Power Compensator to Improve Power Quality of Typical Households
69 PE2019(69) Study On the Single-stage Forward-flyback PFC Converter with QR Control
70 PE2019(70) Power Factor Corrected Welding Power Supply Using Modified Zeta Converter
71 PE2019(71) An Online Monitoring Scheme of DC-Link Capacitor’s ESR and C for Boost PFC Converter
72 PE2019(72) Combined Phase Shift and Frequency Modulation of a Dual Active Bridge AC-DC Converter with PFC
73 PE2019(73) High Voltage Stress in Single-Phase Single-Stage PFC Converters – Analysis and an Alternative Solution
74 PE2019(74) Unity Power Factor Operation of Indirect Matrix Converter Tied to Unbalanced Grid
75 PE2019(75) Challenges Facing PFC of a Single-phase Onboard Charger for Electric Vehicles based on a Current Source Active Rectifier Input Stage
76 PE2019(76) Remaining Useful Life Prediction and Uncertainty Quantification of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Under Variable Load
77 PE2019(77) Efficient self-powered convertor with digitally controlled oscillator-based adaptive maximum power point tracking and RF kick start for ultralow-voltage thermoelectric energy harvesting
78 PE2019(78) Dynamic variable coupling analysis and modeling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells for water and thermal management
79 PE2019(79) Biomechanical Energy Harvesting System with Optimal Cost-of-Harvesting Tracking Algorithm
80 PE2019(80) Non-Commutative Composite Water-Fillings for Energy Harvesting and Smart Power Grid Hybrid System with Peak Power Constraints
81 PE2019(81) A Nano-Power Synchronous Charge Extractor IC for Low Voltage Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with Residual Charge Inversion
82 PE2019(82) QoS-aware Energy Management in Body Sensor Nodes Powered by Human Energy Harvesting
83 PE2019(83) A Family of Five-Level Dual-Buck Full-bridge Inverters for Grid-tied Applications
84 PE2019(84) A Capacitor Voltage Balancing Method for Nested Neutral Point Clamped (NNPC) Inverter
85 PE2019(85) Steady-State and Small-Signal Analysis of High Voltage Gain Half-Bridge Switched-Boost Inverter
86 PE2019(86) Switched-Battery Boost-Multilevel Inverter with GA Optimized SHEPWM for Standalone Application
87 PE2019(87) A Modulation Strategy for a Three Level Inverter Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM) Drive
88 PE2019(88) A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage
89 PE2019(89) Decentralized Power Management in a Hybrid Fuel Cell Ultra capacitor System
90 PE2019(90) Industrial 100-MVA EAF Voltage Flicker Mitigation Using VSC-Based STATCOM with Improved Performance
91 PE2019(91) Real-Time Implementation of Model Predictive Control on 7-Level Packed U-Cell Inverter
92 PE2019(92) Impact of Switching Harmonics on Capacitor Cells Balancing in Phase-Shifted PWM Based Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM
93 PE2019(93) A Novel Cascaded Multilevel Converter Based DSTATCOM Integrated With Distribution Transformer
94 PE2019(94) New Submodule Circuits for Modular Multilevel Current Source Converters with DC Fault Ride Through Capability
95 PE2019(95) A Four-Quadrant Modulation Technique for Cascaded Multilevel Inverters to Extend Solution Range for Selective Harmonic Elimination / Compensation
96 PE2019(96) A Modular Multilevel Converter Based Railway Power Conditioner for Power Balance and Harmonic Compensation in Scott Railway Traction System
97 PE2019(97) Electrical magnetic hybrid power quality compensation system for V/V traction power supply system
98 PE2019(98) Decoupled Control System for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter Based STATCOM
99 PE2019(99) Reactive Power Compensation in a Photovoltaic Grid Tie System, Using a Single-Phase Bidirectional High Frequency link Converter
100 PE2019(100) Design of Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Active Power Filter for Wind Power Systems Subject to Unbalanced and Harmonic Distorted Grid
101 PE2019(101) A maximum power factor of control algorithms of three-level Vienna Rectifier without current distortion at current zero-crossing point
102 PE2019(102) Analysis of DC Link Operation Voltage of a Hybrid Railway Power Quality Conditioner and its PQ Compensation Capability in High Speed Co-phase Traction Power Supply
103 PE2019(103) A Machine Learning Approach to Meter Placement for Power Quality Estimation in Smart Grid
104 PE2019(104) Power Quality Improvement of PMSG Based DG Set Feeding Three-Phase Loads
105 PE2019(105) Improved Power Quality Based Welding Power Supply with Over-Current Handling Capability
106 PE2019(106) A Low Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level StatCom
107 PE2019(107) A Y-D Multi-function Balance Transformer Based Power Quality Control System for Single-phase Power Supply System
108 PE2019(108) An Enhanced Power Sharing Scheme for Voltage Unbalance and Harmonics Compensation in an Islanded AC Micro grid
109 PE2019(109) Real Time Congestion Management in Power Systems Considering Quasi-Dynamic Thermal Rating and Congestion Clearing Time
110 PE2019(110) Optimizing Controller’s parameters for Exciters and Different Wind Turbines to Enhance Small Signal and Transient Stability of Power System
111 PE2019(111) Fuel cell/Electrolyzer/Ultra-capacitor Hybrid Power System: Focus on Integration, Power Control and Grid Synchronization
112 PE2019(112) A Dynamic Programming based Method for Optimizing Power System Restoration with High Wind Power Penetration
113 PE2019(113) On the usefulness of solar energy forecasting in the presence of asymmetric costs of errors
114 PE2019(114) Flexible Operational Planning Framework Considering Multiple Wind Energy Forecasting Service Providers
115 PE2019(115) State Forecasting and Operational Planning for Distribution Network Energy Management Systems
116 PE2019(116) Managing uncertainty in electricity generation and demand forecasting
117 PE2019(117) Cost Minimization of Charging Stations With Photovoltaics: An Approach With EV Classification
118 PE2019(118) Supply and Demand Management System based on Consumption Pattern Analysis and Tariff for Cost Minimization
119 PE2019(119) Stochastic Optimization of Sub-Hourly Economic Dispatch With Wind Energy
120 PE2019(120) Economic Dispatch of Power Systems with Virtual Power Plant Based Interval Optimization Method
121 PE2019(121) Stochastic Optimization-Based Economic Dispatch and Interruptible Load Management With Increased Wind Penetration
122 PE2019(122) Decentralized Multi-Period Economic Dispatch for Real-Time Flexible Demand Management
123 PE2019(123) Space-Vector-Based Hybrid PWM Technique to Reduce Peak-to-Peak Torque Ripple in Induction Motor Drives
124 PE2019(124) Improved Fault-Tolerant Control for Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Drives With Defective Hall Sensors
125 PE2019(125) Fault Diagnosis and Signal Reconstruction of Hall Sensors in Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Drives
126 PE2019(126) Flexible Fault-Tolerant Topology for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
127 PE2019(127) Dynamic Performance Evaluation of a Nine-Phase Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Motor Drive with Model Predictive Control
128 PE2019(128) Hardware/Software Implementation of Fuzzy-Neural Network Self-Learning Control Methods for Brushless DC Motor Drives
129 PE2019(129) Position Sensorless Control without Phase Shifter for High-speed BLDC Motors with Low Inductance and Non-ideal Back EMF
130 PE2019(130) BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter
131 PE2019(131) A Current Index Approach to Compensate Commutation Phase Error for Sensorless Brushless dc Motors with Non-ideal Back EMF
132 PE2019(132) High-Precision Rotor Position Detection for High-Speed Surface PMSM Drive Based on Linear Hall-Effect Sensors
133 PE2019(133) Adaptive Compensation Method for High-speed Surface PMSM Sensorless Drives of EMF-based Position Estimation Error
134 PE2019(134) MPC Implementation of a Quasi-Time-Optimal Speed Control for a PMSM Drive, with Inner Modulated-FS-MPC Torque Control
135 PE2019(135) Power Factor Correction in BLDC motor Drives Using DC-DC Converters
136 PE2019(136) Smart Electricity Meter Data Intelligence for Future Energy Systems: A Survey
137 PE2019(137) A Location based key management System for Advanced Metering Infrastructure of Smart Grid
138 PE2019(138) Analysis and Clustering of Residential Customers Energy Behavioral Demand Using Smart Meter Data
139 PE2019(139) Smart Load Tracking and Reporting for Real-Time Metering in Electric Power Grids
140 PE2019(140) An Efficient Channel Selection and Power Allocation Scheme for TVWS based on Interference Analysis in Smart Metering Infrastructure
141 PE2019(141) Replicability Analysis of PLC PRIME Networks for Smart Metering Applications
142 PE2019(142) Spectrally Efficient CSI Acquisition for Power Line Communications: A Bayesian Compressive Sensing Perspective
143 PE2019(143) Performance Evaluation of G3 Narrowband PLC Standard for Transmission Through Single and Paired Transformer
144 PE2019(144) From Demand Response in Smart Grid Toward Integrated Demand Response in Smart Energy Hub
145 PE2019(145) Wireless Neighborhood Area Networks With QoS Support for Demand Response in Smart Grid
146 PE2019(146) Optimal Residential Load Management in Smart Grids: A Decentralized Framework