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Wireless & Wireline

As videos are fast becoming the preferred medium of choice for internet and mobile users, the storage capacities and available bandwidth of existing network and storage infrastructure will eventually get saturated. Streaming high quality digital audio and video requires real-time data retrieval at very high data rates. Hence, there comes a need to develop a highly scalable network and storage architecture to meet the growing demands of high definition media storage and transfer over wired and wireless network infrastructure.

Ensemble handles wireless and wireline communication projects under the following areas:

Student Training

This student training program is uniquely designed for those students who want to boost their career in new direction. Best part of student training is that trainees get the required acknowledgment on development, as Ensemble Nexgen serve them opportunity to work on real time projects.

Ensemble Nexgen offers student training on various technologies. These technologies are very much in demand in the market like Web Designing, JAVA, .NET, ANDROID, CCNA and many more. Recently some new technologies are added in Ensemble Nexgen is wide list of technologies like BIG DATA HADOOP, IOS, IOT, Oracle RAC, and SAP.

Ensemble Nexgen is training program is mainly constructed for students. The purpose of students training is to escalate career growth of students by educating them in the various fields of Information Technology. Ensemble Nexgen offers graduates swift courses in latest and various technologies that are playing a major role in the lives of students. Ensemble Nexgen is students training program is designed with the aim of turning students into professionals. Ensemble Nexgen has developed special modules in the latest courses that allow students to gain intense knowledge of all concepts of technology, soft skills and grooming. This student training program is appropriate for learners to gain courage and prepare themselves for placement and job interviews. The high aspect program content, combined with the skills of Ensemble Nexgen proficient trainers, is providing students with in-depth technological knowledge.

Fresher Traning

Ensemble Nexgen provides finest fresher training by virtue of training which is accomplished by professionals. Ensemble Nexgen carries out training and learning on live project also. Ensemble Nexgen outlines its fresher training by observing the current demand of the industries. Ensemble Nexgen is the finest institution for imparting of fresher training on modern automation in all fields of engineeringEnsemble Nexgen is a dominant name in the fresher training industry. Ensemble Nexgen is known for simmering out globally competent experts who are miles ahead of others in skill set, ability and ability to deliver. Ensemble Nexgen has a big chain of IT courses that are industry- centric and job-aligned. These courses have enabled many fresher to find fruitful jobs.

Ensemble Nexgen devotes to cater adequate learning involvement as per industry standards and impart training. Ensemble Nexgen imparts fresher training under the mentorship of technical expertise of Ensemble Nexgen who helps to keep up with the rapid changeable automation and work on the demanding brink of automation in the field of Engineering.

Professional Traning

Professional Training at Ensemble Nexgen is mentoring the Engineering candidates and lending them a hand in flourishing and presenting themselves as professionals in specific valuable skill. Professional Training has specific goals of bettering one's potential, efficiency and accomplishment.

Commonality within abundant avocation and occupations may mention to this quality of training as competent advancement. Ensemble Nexgen INFOTECH prestige as a ruler in IT and Professional training accomplished the past 12 years and a broad network of essence build it one of the lead utmost Professional Training holders in India.Ensemble Nexgen INFOTECH has constructed modules for 4/6 weeks & 3/4 months guidance which combines a merge training access through accommodate classroom, grip on lab work and group projects to grant professionals twain the abstract & practical training, essential to frame durable professional ability. Ensemble Nexgen gives great trait IT training to pupil given its ample grid of core gross over India. The assorted spectrum of IT courses introduced:

    Ensemble Nexgen Certified Computer Professional
  • Javac
  • App Development
  • C Programming
  • Certification Programmes in Microsoft .NET, Oracle & Java
  • .Net
  • Cloud Computing
  • University Courses and many more
  • Web Development
  • Auto CAD
  • IOT
  • Microsoft Certified Courses
  • Oracle
  • Robotics

Corporate Traning

This is a competitive era where technologies and labor are out-dated within the flash of a second, leading to business complication. An organization can't continue employing new workforce all the time as this will build its expense. It needs a solution of this dilemma and corporate training has developed as an answer since this situation requires training employees with the cutting edge skill set, so they can justify their value to the organization. Ensemble Nexgen, the best summer training institute, enhances the skill of the working employees of a company by providing them Corporate training. Corporate Training focuses on professional development .It teaches current employees new skills about the same job. Corporate training develops high contingency of getting promoted and expanding their value in the employment market.

College Campus Traning

College campus training program is a manifesto for providing complete training for engineering students on latest technologies to college students from different areas like B.Tech/M.Tech, B.Sc/M.Sc, BCA/MCA, etc. within college campus itself. College campus training is imperative because it has all the important attributes which are vital for students to know before they enter into the corporate life where practical training is given more emphasis than the theoretical learning.Placement training is conducted in college campus which consists of technical and soft expertise courses.
Ensemble Nexgenís mentors who are young engineers from the corporation will keep the students stimulate and concentrated throughout the sessions.

Summer Traning

The benefits that a student gets out of summer training are innumerable. Ensemble Nexgen InfoTech has already accomplished itself successfully in the field of Training and Development after setting milestones and bringing smiles to the faces of more than 1 Lakh students. Ensemble Nexgen was incorporated in the year 2002 and over the years Ensemble Nexgen has grown remarkably into the greatest training giant of Northern India. Ensemble Nexgen InfoTech is the only organization that is operating in three vertical domains- Training, Software & Embedded Development and consulting. Quality is the first and foremost indicator for Ensemble Nexgen. Ensemble Nexgen emphasizes on Quality and understands the importance of imparting Quality Technical Education in creating competitive advantage. Ensemble Nexgen InfoTech boasts to have its trainers and experts from some of the best industries.

6 Months Industrial Traning

The major reason behind necessity of training of engineering students is that they are well prepared for the corporate job. Industrial training exposes students to the working atmosphere in the industry and at the same time increases their self-confidence and helps in finding their own proficiency. It also cultivates studentsí leadership ability and responsibility to perform or execute the given task. Industrial training also enables students to comprehend the theories studied with more features and hands on practice within a real job situation. Ensemble Nexgen, the best training company provides 6 months Industrial training in new and latest technologies with a combination of theory as well as practical classes.

Winter Traning

With a new innovative approach, Ensemble Nexgen presents an exciting opportunity this winter for all the students to savor the delights of Placements, Industrial Exposure and Quality Training. This winter, gather your energy and vitality to undergo valuable and rigorous .

winter training in over 50+ technologies from Ensemble NexgenWinter is high time for candidates for short revision sessions, innovative projects and preparation for the interviews and placement drives. So think and decide about your future. Come and join Ensemble Nexgen, and get access to its enhanced power packed courses in 50+ high end technologies that is surely going to exceed your expectations. Hence enroll for the winter training and be prepared for the exciting journey with us.